How to find Job in Australia as a foreigner

Australia is one of the world’s largest islands with a population of 24.6 million people. The country is attractive for people who want to live close to gorgeous beaches, warm temperatures, and a rich history.

Australia has a booming economy located at the heart of Oceania. The GDP increase is 2% annually with a large variety of companies prospering in the country. Business experts recommend the country for a strong labour force market that offers a variety of jobs for anyone who holds a degree or diploma.

Introduction: Job Market in Australia

Australia is often regarded as a great destination for a variety of job positions and there is an ever-constant necessity for workers in the business and tourism industries. The prosperous nation has a strong labour market that has performed well for nearly two decades. Australia did not struggle as much during the world economic crisis and has had steady growth in its job market.

There are many high-level jobs in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide for graduates with a degree. In August 2018, the unemployment rate was at 5.3%, having declined by 0.2%.

The labour markets in Australia need employees that speak English but have experience with other languages. Due to both the business and tourism industries, a variety of languages may be encountered. Australian companies will likely speak English within the country itself but knowing a client’s language can help them connect and make better business.

The most in demand jobs the country has currently are positions within healthcare, retail trade, construction, technical services, and education. Those with good skills and experience are more likely to prosper. The job market is extremely competitive, and many want a position within the country.


Getting a Job and Residence in Australia

In Australia, citizens have the right to work and live in both Australia and New Zealand. An Australian citizen also has the right to benefit from the full rights of their country. If you are an Australian citizen, you do not need a work permit or visa in order to apply and be hired for a job position. Rather, a citizen would have to provide proof that they can legally work in the country by showing their Australian citizenship.

If an Australian citizen wants to work in New Zealand, they would have a minimal paperwork process to be approved. However, if you are not an Australian citizen, you must have either a work visa or Australian residence visa to work legally within the country.

Typically, people will apply for an Australian work visa first. You are more likely to get a work visa approved if you already have a job or are offered a position within a company. There are different work visas with different categories.

A temporary work visa would allow you to work for a specific time period that could be a single day up to four years. Other work visas that are dependent on the employer, can be permanent or indefinite. A work visa can help you apply for a residence visa, if you choose to do so. Jobs that are experiencing a shortage of skilled workers are the most likely to hire international workers.

Australia is a popular place for foreigners looking to work abroad. If you intend to get a work visa in the country, a good starting point is to check out the Government of Australia’s website where they list skill shortages and how to go about finding employment in this country.

Another good website to learn about immigration to Australia is the Department of Home Affairs website.

Because Australia is a such a popular place to look for work, a number of bloggers have written useful information on the best resources for finding jobs here and how to go about getting the necessary work visas and documentation.

Best Websites to Find a Job in Australia

Down below, you can find some good websites to start searching for a job in New Zealand:

AllJobs: This is a real-time job search engine. You can fine tune your search by adding filters based on the job title, description, company, and region. It also allows you to search abroad for jobs in New Zealand.

APSJobs: Is a government website that offers jobs in the public service sector. If you are looking for a government-based job, this website offers the best selection. There are job listings in almost all the Australian government agencies. You can sign up for job alerts or save jobs to apply to later.

AustalianJobSearch: Is another government run website, but this one has listing for short-term or contract positions. There are also part-time and full-time job positions and apprenticeships. The site also has many different tips for jobs including statistics, programs, and application assistance.

ArtsHub: If you are looking for an artistic, cultural, or creative position, this job site is perfect for you. There are a variety of positions listed from the visual arts, design, publishing, and performance. There is a paid membership required for the use of this site.

GradConnection: If you are currently studying or are a recent graduate, this website is a great option for you. It has internships, graduate positions, and part-time student jobs listed. There are about 250,000 members on the site.

SpotJobs: This is Australia’s number one site for entry-level, part-time, and casual job positions. There are thousands of local jobs and you can submit a visual CV. To use this site, you must create an account.

General Job Search Engines and Classifieds

With the sites below, you can expect to get a 0.5 to 1.0% response rate (people who will respond back to you to whom you sent your application/CV.) Nevertheless, I encourage you to give these sites a try as you never know what you will come up with or what connections you can make from a simple e-mail or application. Seek should be your first stop when searching for employment in this country. They have quite a few listings for jobs that provide visa sponsorship.

Australian Government Job Search Site: The Australian Government Job Search Site is second only to Seek as the leading resource for job seekers in this country.

Adzuna: Adzuna is another site worth a look if you are not having a lot of bites at the other sites. Typing “visa sponsorship” in the search bar in order to find jobs that are willing to sponsor foreigners for visas are recommended.

Indeed: The Australian version of the big U.S. job search site is a big job search site. They have thousands of fresh jobs daily on their Australia site.

Learn4Good: Learn4Good has a good portal for jobs on a number of levels.

Other useful Bloggers and Websites include:

Just Landed: While not a job search engine, Just Landed is a good place to start your Australian job search. They have listed a lot of useful links that can help you get started on looking for opportunities here.

USA Today discusses “How to Move and Get a Job in Australia.”

If you are looking for a professional job, check out the Australia Backpackers Guide’s article, “How to Get a Professional Job in Australia for Foreigners.”

Caz at YTravel blog covers “20 Ways to Work and Travel in Australia.”

Transitions Abroad has a thorough post with useful links for living abroad in Australia.

Overseas and Expat Job Portals

Michael Page: An international executive recruitment website that is targeted towards high-end job seekers.

eFinancialCareers: This is a favorite search engine for finance jobs on the web.

Go Abroad: Go Abroad also have a good job portal too.

Linkedin: This huge professional social network is a resource for building contacts in the field and location of your interest.

These are some of the best places to find jobs in Australia as a foreigner.


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