The Top 10 Best and Easiest Countries to Immigrate To 2020

Looking for the Top Best 10 Easiest Countries to Immigrate To 2020? We have the answers  that you may be seeking online. We did some careful research to bring you these answers, so we have come up with some of the best answers that will answer your questions. Just incase you plan traveling or immigrating abroad to live, to study, for a visit or perhaps you want to do some tourism.
This is based on AfterSchoolAfrica ratings.

Immigration is the easiest process of moving to live permanently in a foreign country. The process could range from paying certain fees, taking relevant tests, interviews, learning the language of the country and so on.
Every country in the world has its own modus operandi for accepting immigrants to live in their home country. Some countries are known to have fewer and straight forward policies that make it easier for immigrants to live in their country while others have policies that almost make it impossible for immigrants.

 Best 10 Easiest Countries to Immigrate To 2020

1. BELIZE: This is the only English speaking Central American country. Sparsely populated and has easy immigration policies. Any Belizean consulate can issue visa for $25. The fees for residency ranges from $187.50 to $1562.50 depending on the nationality of the applicant. In cases where there are no Belize Consulates or embassy, a visa could be obtained in the nearest British Embassy.
An individual can obtain permanent residence after legally residing in Belize for a minimum of one year. According to the Belizean nationality Act of 1981, to obtain Belizean citizenship the applicant must possess a permanent resident certificate to have resided in Belize for a minimum of 5 years.

2. PANAMA: When you are considering countries with easy immigration policies, Panama is a great choice for individuals already having American Citizenship. Panama uses the US Dollars for transactions within the country. The process of applying for the Panamanian citizenship is also quite easy. You need to have lived in Panama for 5 years. However, Panama does not accept dual citizenship, as such, you need to denounce your home country citizenship.
3. SVALBARD is a nation that is officially part of Norway. Its Climate is also not too friendly. The borders of Svalbard is opened to anyone who wishes to reside within the region as there is no need for any sort of visa or permit. However, life is quite expensive here and you only need to prove that you can take care of yourself. It comprises of individuals from countries like South Africa, Japan, India and Canada.
4. BRAZIL: Notable for its kind and hospitable treatment to foreigners. One of the quickest and easiest way of obtaining residency is marrying a Brazilian citizen. Having at least one child with a Brazilian citizen, being a top-notch scientist or researcher. Investing about $126,000 into any Brazilian company fast tracks your opportunity of getting a residency or citizenship. Must have live there for 15 years but could be reduced to four years if you possess good employment, sufficient understanding of the quality of good life.
With a population density of 15 people per Square kilometer. You will need to show proofs of stable monthly income of about $850 to qualify to settle down there. The process of residency or citizenship requires extra steps. You need to have lived here for a minimum of 2 years to apply for the necessary paper works.
6. ECUADOR is one of the most romantic countries in South America. You will need to show proofs of your sustained monthly income of about $800 for yourself and another $100 for each dependent living with you. You qualify for citizenship after having lived there for 3 years.
7. URUGUAY: Known to have some of the best healthcare facilities in the entire south American Region. It is generally refer to as one of the cleanest countries in South America. Obtaining Residency in Uruguay is relatively easy. First you will need to declare your intentions to the government in writing stating your intention to live there and provide a proof of reliable and stable source of income and a legitimate address in Uruguay.
8. MEXICO: The country is full of beautiful beaches and mountains. A great way to start life in Mexico is with an FMM Visa (FMM is an acronym for Forma Migratoria Multiple and it is a document that allows some nationalities to cross the Mexican border without a visa). This costs $21. This visa expires after 6 months and you have the liberty of renewing it over and over again without limit. The only draw back is that you cannot work with FMM Visa. If you have to work you have to upgrade to a temporary residency. You may be forced to leave the country in order to apply.
9. PARAGUAY: Residency in Paraguay is relatively easy largely because it is an obscured nation. The history of Paraguay is very bloody to say the least. Because the demand for immigration is very low it is pretty easy to be accepted. You do have to deposit an amount of money into a Paraguayan bank that equals roughly 35 times the monthly minimum wage, just about $4500 to $5500. After that you will be allowed to move and live in Paraguay but you cannot apply for citizenship until you have lived there for 3 years. The bureaucratic way in Paraguay is extremely slow too so be prepare to wait for final approval.
10. CANADA: Canada is one of the friendliest countries to immigrate to. Canada is known to be a beachy region having the longest coastline stretching over 202,000km. Canada is one of the easiest countries to migrate to. The borders of the country are opened to war affected countries. It is even much easier to migrate to the country if you have some sort of professional skills. It has express entry policies for potential residents but you will need to prove that you are worthy of being granted access having passed through all the necessary protocols. You will then make a payment of $390.
In conclusion, immigration is not that exactly easy but it may not be as hard as you may think with proper preparation and the spirit of adventures.
Another rating of the 11 easiest places to Emigrate to is as follows in order of ranking from first to eleventh.
1. Bahrain
2. Ecuador
3. Roatan, Honduras
4. Panama
5. New Zealand
6. Japan
7. Sweden
8. Mexico
9. Canada
10. Singapore
11. Malta

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Ratings are based on the following Indices as done by 37 Degrees Productions.
1. Human Development Index
2. Quality of Life
3. Economic Outlook
4. Government Policy on Residency and Citizenship
5. Common Languages used
6. Job Opportunities
7. Unemployment Rates

Countries are ranked in the following order

1. Canada

2. New Zealand

3. Singapore

4. Australia

5. Ireland

6. The Netherlands (Dutchland or Holland)

7. Germany

8. Denmark

9. Sweden

10. Switzerland

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